Change your relationship with debt and you change your life.

This book is about learning to live with, love, and embrace your debt... finally learn how to get out of debt and be debt-free.  

Whether you are recovering from past debt, trying to keep from getting into more debt, or going through a life transition (marriage, divorce, retirement), the lessons in this book explain in simple terms how to properly manage your debt.

From nearly two decades of experience in the industry, leading debt authority Leslie Tayne has finally written the ultimate real-world guide for anyone with debt.


What You'll Learn

Life & Debt teaches people from all walks of life, demographics & income brackets how to manage their money, embrace & “love” their debt. YOU will learn my practical, proven & easy-to-follow techniques that will show YOU how to get out of debt. It’s a debt therapy session just for YOU.

With over 15 years in the debt resolution industry, Leslie understands that debt can’t be managed until you understand it. Life & Debt will teach everything you need to know in order to understand, embrace and manage your debt!
Life & Debt reveals successful techniques to help you begin to manage your debt. This book will become your guide to having the financial lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of.
By the end of this book you will have learned how to effectively understand your debt and credit, how to manage it properly and ultimately how to leave the paycheck to paycheck lifestyle behind and learn to embrace your debt!

Overview of Life & Debt

Part One: What is Debt?

The different types of debt

Debt can be confusing. This section reveals everything you need to know about debt to get started on your way to a better financial life.

Part Two: The Budget

How to Budget

For many budgeting is a dirty word. In this section Leslie dismisses that stigma and shows you a simple, easy way to begin to love your budget.

Part Three:

The ins and outs of credit

Credit is a necessary evil of life and with this section you will learn all the things you need to know about credit, including how to read a credit report and how your credit score is calculated.

Part Four: The Next Steps

Now what?

This section helps readers discover what good debt and good credit can do for them. Leslie discusses how to break the credit addiction and how to start saving for a better future.

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About The Author





Leslie Tayne, Esq. is a highly respected consumer and business debt-related attorney and advisor.

Leslie founded, Tayne Law Group, P.C., which is one of the few in New York State concentrating solely in debt resolution solutions and alternatives to filing bankruptcy for consumers, small business owners, and professionals.

In addition, Tayne Law regularly consults and advises on debt management related issues.